It had been was an astonishing performance because of the team on an extremely very hot week

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It had been was an astonishing performance because of the team on an extremely very hot week

Trip was actually remarkable! The setting was actually awful!

Hollywood Casino at Penn Nationwide Race Course – Grantville

The site was actually a cesspool of mud that smelled like sewage. The entry comprise 154.00 each. The seat were terrific. Quest come on at 7:30 and played until 9:15, thus the amount i’d have got envisioned an extended show or an opening musical organization. Additionally, there had been no site traffic law enforcement to assist with getting out of so that won in excess of an hour or so to get out of the best place. Hollywood Casino should intensify their unique provider should they desire you to continue to arrive at this location!

Trip am awesome venue needs advancement

Entertainment Casino at Penn Nationwide Race Course – Grantville

Trip was completely exceptional speakers had been outstanding!! The venue have much room for enhancement.

Location that organized case will need to build changes

Entertainment Casino at Penn State Race-course – Grantville

Trips overall performance is wonderful! However, the place must make smarter arrangements for a meeting. There had been departing visitors problems, and cleanup after weighty rains requires growth.

Wheel In The Sky Keeps Turning

Entertainment Casino at Penn Domestic Race-course – Grantville

Quest would be excellent as they always are actually. Access in and availability away, Hollywood nailed it. Only issues, seats were a bit too close to each other and the venue had a problem with standing water and mud. Recognized that it received rained heavily about 48 hours previously,but still. H2o developing thru the sitting room flooring was a problem. Specially, with all the equine stern like aroma. Besides that, a stylish night and a terrific overall performance by trip. A delightful idea by Hollywood Casino, nonetheless they must deal with the problems after a large storm. But all of us wouldnt give it time to rain on the trip procession. Dont End Believin.

Quest series was a winner at Hollywood Casino

Hollywood Casino at Penn State Race-course – Grantville

It was Entertainment gambling casino first of all huge performance and couldnt have discovered a significantly better work. Besides standing in a cow pasture ended up being was damp and smelly, quest about composed for this with a stellar program. They played many of the singles in an excellent setlist arrange. Dont think twice to determine Journey, watching Neil play keyboards is well worth the price of entry itself!!

My Favorite Heroes Point Hollywood Casino PA

Entertainment Casino at Penn Nationwide Race-course – Grantville

ENTERTAINMENT Casino at Penn state build an excellent program for quest. It had feel rescheduled from Sunday the 22nd to Tuesday the 24th owing storm and storms nonetheless it am very well worth rhe waiting. It had been an awesome day with friends and singing in addition to anybody!

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The strap got outstanding yet not the setting

Entertainment Casino at Penn Nationwide Race-course – Grantville

Journey’s show had been remarkable and dynamic. Arnel is full of energy and all of the band users interacted utilizing the guests. The venue nevertheless am only a little frustrating. It was very muddy making the environment give an impression of sewage. The dirt ended up being seeping with the pavers. The furniture had been way too lightweight regarding regular measurements adult peoples. I’d view Journey again but at another site. My personal score is good for the overall performance merely.

Singing Perhaps So Inspirational Towards Psyche..

Hollywood Casino at Penn State Race-course – Grantville

And Popular Rings Such Journey Often Meet That Phone Call..Great Program Out-of-doors..Hollywood Casino Along With Alive World Completed The Setup..Rescheduled Go Out..Quite Properly

By Unexpected Rocker Female

Entertainment Casino at Penn National Race-course – Grantville

Trip has big. The place was not perfect. In a subject just where ponies have fun plus countless water a short while earlier on left in pretty bad shape. Most people stood in inches of dirt water-not actually soil and team made an effort to distributed ho?c la but it couldn’t let very much plus the odor was pretty worst. Additionally the videos am delayed-didn’t coordinate with keywords, tunes the musical organization played.

Journey simultaneously

Since earliest stories of industry rock, couple of artists around put-on a series that can match quest. Anchored by performer Arnel Pineda’s exciting vocals and Neal bereits’s unstoppable guitars, the strap is constantly on the display people, both older and brand new, just how it’s completed when they split through marathon models of classics like “Don’t prevent Believin'” and “open up Arms.” After the split using their continual journey plan, they can be primed to blow thoughts again in 2014, pairing with Steve Miller group for choose dates which can be sure to function as belongings of traditional stone tale a long, long time.

Quest Background

San Francisco-born Journey might be perfect arena rock-band. Put together in 1973 from your ashes of Santana and Frumious Bandersnatch, the band keeps since experienced several line-up changes — best stalwart guitar player Neal Schon has-been collectively embodiment. Despite a rotating roster, the band who has sold 47 million albums in america, as well as regularly named among ten top American rock bands ever sold. Even though the ’70s and ’80s supplied all of them with many retail achievement, their own current symptom with Filipino singer Arnel Pineda has given all of them truly worldwide width.

Fanatics Exactly Who Sold Tickets Talk About

“Fabulous series by all. Arnel ended up being spot on and had top honors character. Excellent tv show. will sign up for every chance I have.”

“Great series for virtually every period! We all opted for a group age group 18-43 together with a blast! Would youn’t really like Journey!? Really cool series! Destroyed the sound vocal singing along to every song!”

“This was an incredible two-hour boogie with Journey at their full capacity! Lead guitarist Neal Schon’s tenacity on the guitar was actually wonderful!”

Journey on Tour

Journey adjust a thorough us concert tour in 2020 utilizing the Pretenders to offer completely new production and singles from start to finish in the 60+ meeting tour. Fans can expect to hear iconic classics from Journey and The Pretenders.